Abdominal, tumour and robotic surgery

We focus on the person behind the surgical procedure.

After all, we’re doctors first.

We understand people. We respond to their needs. We explain the options and guide them along their path to recovery. In doing so, we provide space for healing.


And surgeons second.

Whether it’s an outpatient procedure or a complex tumour operation, as experienced specialists in abdominal surgery, we facilitate healing together with experts from other specialist areas.


Robotic surgery

Modern technology for the utmost precision

Robot-assisted surgery does not mean that you will be operated on by a robot. Rather, the robot acts like an extension of the surgeon’s own arm. This opens up options that go beyond the capabilities of the human eye or hand, for example, allowing 540° rotation and calmer, more precise movements. Infrared vision provides information that would otherwise be hidden from the human eye.

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Tumour surgery

Every surgery is different

Tumours are highly complex and specific. We specialise in the detection and treatment of malignant and benign tumours in the abdominal cavity. Our many years of experience and specific knowledge help us to pinpoint the best treatment for you.

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From Zurich to Aarau,
we’re there for you.

Our range of locations make it easy to access vivévis. Whether you require a consultation, inpatient care or outpatient treatment, you can visit us at one of our many sites.



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